Ghost Lake


Motorcycle Shop with Kayak Storage

This unit was built as a custom designed motorcycle shop serving a dual purpose of housing a Ducati Monster, a Triumph Daytona and providing our client the ability to store 2 - 12' kayaks in the vaulted ceiling.

Through meetings with our client, as well as multiple clay model rendering's and design changes, together, we created a shop that is not only an aesthetically pleasing art piece, but a visual focal point of the property. The design of the shop was built incorporating the natural surroundings of the trees and caragana wall, bringing a seamless look.

The interior is that of complete function and usability. With a 15 degree sloping roof that angles from 9 feet tall to 13 feet, the space was crafted to house 2 - 12 foot long kayaks in the air without impending the space below.  A custom counter-weight pulley system was incorporated into the wall cavity to effortlessly pull the kayak into the highest point of the ceiling, while giving space to maneuver both motor bikes below.

The tension of intense functional requirements with a beautiful design is the space DROP Structures most enjoys occupying. This is our goal, the modus operandi of our company.