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What We Provide

DROP Structures commercial division builds:

  • job site offices

  • job shacks

  • portable sales offices

  • pop-up retail stores

  • mobile retail stores

  • And much more

It's our goal for every project to be a space where aesthetics and function meet. Our buildings range in sizes and can even be made up of multiple smaller units.


Balance time restraints, shorten down-time and mitigate mess: DROP Structures help eliminate much of the costly and messy on-site work associated with additions or on-site builds. Once you commission a project, it shows up completely finished and ready to go. You can open up shop the next day with no costly shut down time. 

Market testing edge: Want to test out new markets but don't want the costly investment of building or signing leases? You can test a market with a pop up retail store. If you decide the market doesn't work you can take your building with you.

Increased mobility: Using just one building, you can move your business around to multiple locations.

Temporary: From site offices to temporary accommodations displaying in-construction projects; DROP Structures are as easily taken up as they are placed.

Bypass permits and approvals*: Temporary structures often allow you to get into a market sooner, especially if you are waiting for approvals, permits, drawings or engineering on a permanent building.

*Not all temporary units can operate without permits. Always contact your local municipality to find out more.


Our Process

Everything we build at DROP Structures has the custom touch and, as such, we want every build to be a reflection of your business in form, function and branding. We work extensively with you to bring your needs to fruition. We begin by listening; about your business, ideas, location, budget and goals. We then go to the drawing board to design a product that best meets your specific list or requirements. After we reach an agreed upon final design, a deposit is given and construction begins, taking 12+ weeks, depending on production schedule, before your turnkey building arrives ready to be used.