Resort Development

Develop any property into an investment by adding one or more DROP Structures and utilizing hospitality services like: AirBnB, VRBO, etc. Placing DROP Structures on your property and renting them is a low intensity form of development, requiring less effort in terms of foundations, deep services, permitting and on-site work. Development can happen very quickly thanks to our turnkey buildings, which show up to your property complete and available for use, often within a day or two. DROP Structures are a low impact choice for any development.

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Return on Investment

  • Based on a typical 100 day/year use in peak season, ROI’s for each structure usually recoupe costs around the 2 year mark, including fees associated with cleaning and rental technologies.

  • DROP Structures are full 4 season build which allows for higher yearly use and increased ROI.

  • DROP Structures offer investment flexibility by allowing you to choose the speed at which you turn your property into an investment. DROP Structures arrive complete making it easy to scale up and add more buildings with little on-site work.

  • DROP Structures can be used at; campgrounds for glamping, as mountain retreats, as bunkies in cottage country, additional revenue on existing properties or even remote islands and backcountry locations.

  • With a recent increase in popularity surrounding; glamping, tiny homes, small living and luxrious retreats, it makes sense to utilize a DROP Structure, combined with technological innovations like, AirBnB and VRBO.

Turn Your DROP Structures into an Investment

  • Choose the DROP Structure best suited to your needs, whether that’s the Mono with a centralized wash facility, the Duo for a more comprehensive stay or decide to design a Custom Crafted model.

  • Choose the options/finishes and how many DROP Structures you would like.

  • Your structures are delivered complete and ready for use within a day or two.

  • List your properties on: AirBnB, VRBO or other service of your choice.

  • Choose a cleaning company to hire between bookings.

Turn your property into an investment.