Millwork Innovation 3 | Mi3



Being asked to build a new showroom is a really cool request, why? Because we have the task of putting together a space that will showcase our clients products in the best way possible and that is a lot of fun.

We were asked by Willy and Jill of Mi3 to come up with a design that could meet their need for more showroom space. Plans were in motion to expand from their existing commercial line, by offering the same beautiful workmanship in a residential platform (MADERA). Together, Mi3 and DROP Structures created a prefab space that grabs your attention.

The plan for a detached structure came as a result of recent building upgrades and the inability to do additional add-ons. Thus the MADERA showroom space was born. Constructed out of fully engineered structural panels, floor to ceiling (and walls); the unit has a continuous R-31 value throughout. This build material made for an extremely well insulated and comfortable space, while maintaining another key request by Willy, portability. Built on a reinforced steel I-beam base, this unit can be easily relocated and moved with the help of some large equipment.