The Foundation

The Mono is our foundation.  The culmination of years of projects, engineering and design. It's simple. Refined. Sophisticated.

We designed it with the most livable space in mind.  With a longer, more linear floor plan, a vaulted ceiling and massive glazed openings. Every detail has been meticulously planned, every material used tirelessly sourced, under the knowledge that we were striving for the pinnacle where aesthetics and function meet.

With the ability to seamlessly incorporate lofts, desks, beds, various wall and floor textures, and a plethora of other desirable features with ease, it's ability to transcend a single use function is only limited by your imagination.  The Mono, is truly a simplistic ease of use asset powered 'Plug and Play' addition to your life.  Constructed in our controlled shop environment, and available FOB from our shop.  



Starts at $19,900 + GST


Additional windows $1100 + GST each

Complete Glass front wall and door $5500 + GST

Complete Glass back wall $4500 + GST

Upgrade to Hardwood floor $1000 + GST

Custom Built-In Furniture available (desks, shelves, lofts, etc)


Custom glass entry door and transom

Double pane - Low E windows

LED flush mount lights

Decadent wood finish floors and walls

Clean metal exterior -maintenance free

Fully sealed and insulated

Flush mount low profile heating system


Your getaway is only a few steps away