White Rock

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A place to heal the soul

Having a place to get work done when you're self-employed or work from home can be one of the bigger challenges for each day. All to often the 'office' in your home becomes just another place for clutter, the kids to over-take and the struggle to be productive is set in motion for another day.

Enter the idea; how to create a space that is separate from the home, desirable to reside in, comfortable enough for clients and visually grabs hold of your attention each time...

This is the situation our team found themselves in with a fabulous client from BC. A professional who works from home but seeking to have a space that felt safe and private for clients but also served as an office, freeing up much needed room within the home. It's in this solution seeking mode that we enjoy working with our clients to come up with unique and extremely awesome ways of solving their need/desire for a functional and beautiful space. 

The result of all the emails, drawings and hard work brought about an absolutely stunning Custom Crafted unit. One that we at DROP Structures are very proud of but more importantly, our client was ecstatic about!