About Us

We started DROP Structures out of a need for space. Space to live. Space to work. Space to pursue hopes, dreams and passions. We wanted a space that was clean, well built, one that we could enjoy living and working in.

With 15 years of building experience ranging from: 

  • small spaces

  • modern infill homes

  • multi-million dollar houses

  • commercial developments

  • custom projects

Our team has garnered a broad field of knowledge covering a vast array of building techniques and styles. This led us to pursue building options beyond the 107 sq/ft spaces, to portable commercial buildings, experiential accommodations and other custom crafted outbuildings.

DROP Structures is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada but we deliver to clients all over North America, creating lifestyle specific spaces for people everywhere.

Though our foundation is the Mono, we currently spend most of our time focusing on custom builds and anticipating every new opportunity to create ideal spaces for our clients and friends.

*Always check with your local; governing body, municipality, county or jurisdiction, to verify whether your area requires permitting for sheds and outbuildings. 107 sq/ft or less in Canada (120 sq/ft or less in USA) are the most common 'no permit' sizes.


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