The Duo

Designed for resorts and accommodations

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Designed specifically with accommodations in mind, we have created a space that serves as a luxurious accommodation for guests. The Duo serves those who desire additional accommodations at their vacation properties or for glamping and resort development.

Our Duo design was built upon the basis of our internationally known Mono, the emphasis on being simple and elegant. The Duo is wider and longer than our Mono, this allows for a better space directed specifically towards accommodation and comfort. The additional size creates a greater ease for movement around full size beds, coffee tables + chairs and other furniture that will naturally be within the space.

Our Duo is certified to a variety of North American standards, Z240/Z241 in Canada and ANSI A119.5 in the USA.


  • Starting @ 11.5’ wide x 24’ long (includes 4’ attached deck) x 12’ tall

  • (6) LED Pot lights, (4) interior and (1) exterior receptacles

  • Standing seam metal exterior, maintenance free, hail resistant (*Additional colours available)

  • Fully insulated and 4 season ready

  • Integrated steel skid system

  • Baltic Birch interior finish (*other finishes available)

  • Luxury vinyl flooring (*other flooring available)

  • Cedar deck

  • Electric heat

  • Wet Bar

  • Bathroom

    *Other finishes maybe subject to additional charges



  • Different window/door configurations

    • Glass walls - front and/or back

    • Additional windows

    • Skylights

  • 4ft Extensions

  • Murphy bed

  • Custom blinds

  • Combo heating & air conditioning


Transportation is charged at $2 per/km all over North America, specific to the Base Duo only, from our construction facility in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada to curb-side at your location.* **

*Clients are responsible to have proper equipment on site to unload and/or place structure; ie. crane, etc.

**Any permits required by jurisdictions for such structures are the sole responsibility of the Client to obtain.


Our Duo + Bath is primarily targeting resorts and accommodations. This unit can be viewed as a self contained hotel room, with a comfortable sleeping living area and full size bathroom. The Duo is perfect for use by; Resorts, on AirBnB or VRBO. When coupled with a great view, the Duo becomes a low impact building that can be placed on even the most remote and beautiful of destinations.