Our story

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Eight years ago, Brandon (one of the three owners of DROP Structures) and his wife had the home they wanted and a baby on the way. It was exciting planning for when the child would arrive – but they quickly realized they didn’t have enough space in their small home.

“It was either a room for the baby or an office for me,” Brandon said. “I knew parenthood would require sacrifices, but at that point, I needed the home office – so the only option seemed like moving.”

A problem of space

But their home was their dream – the perfect little house in the perfect neighbourhood – and neither of them wanted to leave.

“It felt wrong, moving,” Brandon said. “We’d spent a lot of time and effort making our home what we wanted and we loved it too much to leave.”

So they looked into additions, and the numbers added up so quickly they abandoned the idea and began to get creative. In that search for extra space, the idea for the first DROP Structure was born.

Stepping beyond the typical options, Brandon designed and built a new space – his own space. This allowed them to keep their home, avoid the helium-filled numbers an addition would cost and have the space the needed – a room for the baby and a home office included.

A space for everyone

Fast forward 5 years, and three more children, and Brandon was still using his DROP Structure.

“To be honest, it became more than a home office,” Brandon said. “I used it to work, but I also spent a lot of time out there with friends. It was far enough that we could enjoy a calm environment, but close enough that I was always close if there was a problem. It was the perfect solution.”

It was during one of those evenings, sipping whiskey with Matt and Ryan, that the trio decided everyone could benefit from a space of their own – somewhere they could pursue their passion.

So together, they started DROP Structures.

Over the years, they’ve created spaces for a variety of needs, from sheds to wrench on motorcycles, to getaway cabins in the woods – and of course, home offices.

Creating a space of your own

DROP Structures are about more than wood and steel. From Michael Pollan’s A Place of My Own to Thoreau’s cabin in the woods, the one-room space to store daydreams and pursue aspirations is a common desire. With three sizes, including the Mono MIni, Mono, and Duo and an array of customizations for each we can help you create a space of your own And when we’re done, all you have to do is drop it in place and plug it in.

There’s only one question left: What would you do with a space of your own?

Give us a call today to start building your dream space.