Where did the idea come from?

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DROP Structures is a company many years in the making. The origin of the idea came years before actually opening the doors. Brandon (one of the owners) was living in a home he and his wife really enjoyed and they were having their first child. Brandon wanted a home office to go work in but at the same time didn’t want to move. So, he designed and built an office in his backyard. At this time he had no plans to start a company. However, he enjoyed using the building often with friends and business associates.


5 years later, after meeting with Ryan and Matt (the two other owners), they all thought the idea of building these small structures was a business worth pursuing and it so happened that the timing was perfect. One of the best things was the ability to add another space to their home and yard that Brandon enjoyed, without having to start over with a new house or attempt an addition on the current home. In the conversation, the concept of adding another space and all the benefits of it, such as, separation from the main house for; guests, exercise, solitude and work was something the owners all agreed many others must want. Sure enough, over a year into starting DROP Structures, we are finding just that.