Just Plug it in

Retreats, studios, home offices in your backyard, business space or cottage/vacation property can be easier than you think. Although we aren’t at Star Trek levels where we can teleport something into place, we feel we’re getting pretty close.


In the initial brainstorm and development stages of the Mono, we wanted our product to be as turn key and simple to use as possible. One of the goals for us was to design the Mono and the process of buying, to be nearly 'Amazon' easy. Among many other attributes, a ‘no permits needed structure’**  allows the Mono to be used nearly anywhere. We wanted to make sure the experience of finding a space solution was enjoyable because nobody likes something that is way too difficult. So many other companies that tried to do this only went halfway, as they require full crews for days or even weeks to set up or assemble their products on site. Often a selection of local contractors for site preparation and finishing, turning your backyard or cottage into a war zone and all of it is for you to figure out and manage. So whether your building a backyard office, home studio, bunkhouse or yoga retreat, the process is the same, you simply; contact DROP Structures and tell us which Mono you want, the Mono then arrives fully assembled at your door, built on a custom skid system allowing the Mono to be placed on virtually any surface, leaving only one thing to do...grab an extension cord and ‘just plug it in’.