Quality builds to Quantity

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It’s tough to tell quality through a screen – plenty of people have learned that the hard way – but a quality, online buying experience is a good indication of what to expect.

For Matt Leitch, one of the three DROP Structures founders, branding and marketing are great, but the only way to move forward is to create a quality product.

“You can have the most amazing product, but if you don’t provide the quality, no one will want it,” he said.

Buy less, get more

We’re big fans here of the ‘less is more’ line of thought. You can see that in the minimalistic lines with each DROP Structure, but it’s there in the quality of every unit, too. We design and build each structure so that our clients can depend on our product to give them quality use for years to come.

“People, I think, appreciate quality. I know I do,” Matt said.

So, instead of the young, growing family buying a new, cheap house, or the young entrepreneur working in his living room, we provide a space that will give people the room they need to grow into who they are becoming without requiring trade-offs. That to us is a quality product.

From the first email

That quality doesn’t start with the first screw, or even with the material we order. We believe that true quality starts the moment we see a message in our inbox.

“As we go through the sales process, from the first email to delivering their DROP Structure on site, we make sure the quality is there every step of the way.”

That means as soon as you contact us, we are taking care to make sure your email is answered in a timely, polite manner, whether you’re asking to buy a DROP Structure, or just wondering what kind of material we use.

Building something bigger

People always say quality over quantity. But at DROP Structures we believe the only way we’ll be able to reach people, and sell DROP Structures to people all around North America (and, dare we dream, the world) is to focus first on quality.

“The only way we can grow is to give people the quality they expect,” Matt said. “With great quality products and customer service we can make word of mouth really work for us.”

That means building more than quality products, or quality customer service – it means building a quality company, with tools and guidelines in place to make sure that no matter who we hire, or how big we grow, that quality will always remain the same.

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