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The Mono

The Mono is our foundation – the culmination of years of engineering and design resulting in a building rigorously refined and deceptively simple. 

We designed the Mono to optimize a professional space throughout, with a long, linear floor plan, a vaulted ceiling and massive glazed openings. Every detail has been meticulously planned, every material thoughtfully sourced, with the goal of finding the pinnacle where aesthetics and function meet.

With the ability to seamlessly incorporate; desks, various wall and floor textures, and a plethora of other features with ease. The Mono's ability to transcend a single use function is limited only by your imagination. It's truly a simplistic ease of use asset, a quick 'Plug and Play' addition to your lifestyle. To ensure quality, every Mono is constructed in our controlled shop environment and available FOB from our facility.  



  • 106sq/ft, 9’ 10” wide x 16’ long (includes 4' attached deck) x 11’ 6” tall**

  • (6) LED Pot lights, (4) interior and (1) exterior receptacle

  • Standing seam metal exterior, maintenance free, hail resistant (*other colours available)

  • Flash and Batt insulation system

  • Steel skid system

  • Baltic Birch interior finish (*other finishes available)

  • Beautiful vinyl flooring, LVT Black Napa Leather (*other flooring available)

  • Cedar/Douglas Fir deck

  • Electric Heat

*Other finishes may be subject to additional charge

**Please check with your local; governing body, municipality, county or jurisdiction, to verify whether your area requires permitting for sheds or outbuildings. 107sq/ft or less in Canada (120sq/ft-200sq/ft or less in different areas of the USA) are the most common non permit sizes.



  • Different window/door configurations:

    • Glass walls - front and/or back

    • Additional windows

    • Skylights

  • Murphy bed

  • Custom blinds

  • Combo heating & air conditioning

  • Custom cabinetry arrangements


Transportation is charged at $1.50 per/km all over North America, specific to the Base Mono only, from our construction facility in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada to curb-side at your location.* **

*Clients are responsible to have proper equipment on site to unload and/or place structure; ie. crane, etc.

**Any permits required by jurisdictions for such structures are the sole responsibility of the Client to obtain.

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