How DROP Structures is Solving Unique Problems with Prefab Solutions

If all you have is a hammer, then everything will look like a nail.

It’s called Maslow’s hammer, and it shows us how we can rely too heavily on the solutions that are most familiar to us. The result is inelegance, wastefulness, and shoddy workmanship. The best craftsmen utilize specialty tools (often overlooked by many) in order to create the most beautiful works of art: where form inspires function.

It’s Ryan, and the DROP Structure team’s desire to create these finer tools to equip businesses and individuals with the perfect tool for their unique problem.

A creative, design-driven approach

By taking a creative, design-driven approach, the DROP Structures team crafts products that aim to inspire new ideas, add elegance and increase quality, whether that’s a Duo offering a secret escape in the woods, a Mono home-office in an entrepreneur's backyard, or a beautiful pegboard storage shelf to increase space. It’s our mission to find solutions to problems many people have long written off as unsolvable. 

“We started thinking we were three guys building small buildings for people in Lethbridge,” DROP Structure co-founder Brandon Boorsma said. “We discovered along the way there was so much more demand than we anticipated, and that the breadth of solutions we could design was so much larger.”

Knowing that the demand was there to push beyond simple buildings, the DROP Structures team is pivoting to design turnkey solutions for unique problems. 

Unique problems

DROP Structures has created a tiny camping cabin, a child’s art space, a backyard home office – each customized from a Mono DROP Structure. As the company continues to expand, the problems have become more and more diverse, some of which depend on a pre-existing design, like the Mono or the Duo, and some of which are clean-sheet designs, built bespoke for clients, worldwide. 

Brandon’s passion taking on problems that many people default to Maslow’s Hammer to solve, and creating solutions that match those problems has pushed the team to seek new avenues of creation.

“I want people to look at the variety of DROP Structures we create and say, ‘I don’t know anyone who builds something like that. I didn’t even know I could have that,’” Brandon said.

As DROP Structures continues along this path, future products will begin to diverge in new and creative ways – each unique to a problem.

Well-designed Solutions

This ability to solve unique problems in an elegant way, demands good design. It’s this requirement that sets DROP Structures apart from others in the prefab industry. For the DROP Structures trio, design is about more than simply making a structure that looks good on Pinterest.

We create structures designed to seamlessly fit into a user’s lifestyle – simple, elegant and aesthetically pleasing.
— Brandon Boorsma

Starting with the problem, the solution and the aesthetics are designed together, merging form and function, instead of letting each compete for focus. In this way, each DROP Structure becomes more than just another multi-purpose outbuilding. Each becomes a part of its surroundings to offer a tool perfectly suited for the purpose of each client.

This seamless integration is facilitated by the ease of which each DROP Structure is delivered and utilized.

Turnkey implementation

By creating pre-fabricated, turnkey solutions, we open up doors to do really interesting, very cool projects that are exciting and interesting
— Brandon Boorsma

Too often the solution to a problem causes more problems than it’s worth, making Maslow’s hammer the easier solution to every problem. If you need to rebuild your home to have the home office of your dreams, settling for a room in the basement just makes more sense.

From Monos on mountains to bespoke builds for pop-up shops, every DROP Structures is constructed at the head office, which both makes it easier to control quality and also keeps the hassle of construction away from the end user. Once delivered, set up usually takes around two hours, depending on how many utilities the structure requires.

Designing elegant solutions to ship worldwide

Each problem is a door for creativity, as long as Maslow’s Hammer is avoided. By discovering problems that have been solved inefficiently, or in an unwieldy manner, and creating bespoke solutions, the DROP Structure’s crew aims to help people create a more elegant, well-designed lifestyle or business to deliver, not just to North America, but to the world.

Jordana Gagnon