Glamping with DROP Structures

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The term glamping began as a portmanteau meant to poke fun at the Instagram influencer movement. But these days, what started as a play on words has spawned a $5 billion dollar/year industry in Europe.

The road from mockery to market-niche has exploded in the last five years as Millennials have accumulated more wealth and realized the exciting experiences they see in their social media feeds are attainable. And the numbers don’t lie. Autocamp, one of the fastest growing glamping companies, received $115 million in their latest round of funding.

As the market grows, the DROP Structures crew find themselves drawn to the industry. The chance to offer their experience with designing, building, and shipping to developers and AirBnB owners is opens new doors for creativity.

“With opportunities like this, DROP Structures remains a huge passion project,” Ryan said. “We love being involved in pushing culture forward in new and exciting ways.”

DROP Structures offers the framework for unique glamping experiences

Glamping is as intricate as people want to make it, but what interests Ryan and the rest of the DROP Structures crew, is making simple design and build solutions/extravagant experiences available to more people.

Through their years in business, the DROP Structures crew have discovered solutions to not only bigger problems, such as how to deliver an interesting structure to a remote site, but to finer detail issues, such as maximising space in small structures.

Through each step of the process, DROP Structures has created their design solutions to fit everyone – from the campground or AirBnb owner to the occupants who come to stay.

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DROP Structures offers:

  • An enhanced glamping experience – glamping is about more than luxury. It’s about uniting the rawness of nature with simple designs that will inspire the people who experience it.

  • A full-range experience – From build to delivery, DROP  Structures starts the job and finishes it, all over North America.

  • Four-seasons approved units – Every DROP Structure delivered is stamped with a four-seasons approved luxury camping unit. That means it's plug and play for everyone from home-owners who need a bit more space, to resort owners who are looking to expand into more extravagant or experiential camping.

  • Delivery where your customers want to be – As glamping grows, customers are looking further and further afield for amazing experiences in remote places, without giving up the luxury they want. This desire to go further is matched by the DROP Structure team’s desire to place structures in the most beautiful and remote spaces in nature.

Enhancing the glamping experience for all

Scroll through our Instagram or Pinterest pages and you’ll see pictures of beautiful buildings in beautiful settings. That’s the core of glamping – uniting a beautiful lodging with a gorgeous setting where campers can relax and fully take in the luxury – all surrounded by nature. But with such a new industry, there’s always something new to find, and Ryan’s got his eye on a new goal.

“We’ve been working with an architect on new designs based on the shapes and unique strength of nature,” Ryan said. “We’re hoping to create buildings that really make the glamping experience more immersive while retaining that luxurious feel.”

With new, glamping-inspired units in the pipeline, DROP Structures is pushing to create buildings that will interact with nature in new and interesting ways, creating novel experiences for those who are looking for more in their camping experiences.

Those looking to become part of the glamping trend should look into the Duo – a DROP Structure designed with resorts in mind.

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Jordana Gagnon