A Better Home Office in the Lethbridge Coulees


A home office seems like a great idea. There’s no commute, you set your own hours and you can enjoy your lunch breaks with your loved ones.

But when the kids suddenly burst into your office during an important call, or when you need to share the space with your in-laws as a guest room, that home office looks less ideal.

What you need is a dedicated home office, separate from your home, but close enough that you don’t need a car or bicycle to get there.


A dedicated home office

For Stephen and Lisa Selinger, who own and operate Clear View Property Management Ltd., a DROP Structure home office helped them create an efficient, dedicated workspace.

“In our new home office, I can get more done in a shorter period of time,” Lisa said. “My old office, I felt stressed out in, but I like being out here (in the DROP Structure) now – I don’t feel stressed out.”

A compromised workspace

For the Selingers, their home office is where they do the bulk of their work, but a basement guest room/office wasn’t giving them what they needed.

“Our basement was doubling as a home office and a guest room, so we had a big, queen-sized bed between our desks,” Lisa said. “We needed a quieter, more meaningful space.”

“It wasn’t really a space for either function, Stephen added. ”it wasn’t a good guest room and it wasn’t a good office.”

The couple considered an addition during a planned renovation, but decided they couldn’t justify the cost of an addition, especially when it would keep their workspace and their living space connected. So when Stephen heard about DROP Structures, he called them up with specifications in hand and asked for a quote.


The Selinger's Mono DROP Structure design

With the Selinger’s specs in hand, the DROP Structures team set out to create a space that would do more than just get the Selingers out of the house. They took the Selingers list of needs and laid it out to create an efficient, tidy workspace – a space where they could be a cohesive team and inspire each other to do their best work.

“They did a really good job of making it better than what we planned,” Stephen said. “They took what we wanted and mapped it all out so it made sense in the limited space.”

Once the couple was happy with the design, DROP Structures sent a representative by the space to help them decide where the office would sit in their yard.

“We didn’t really want to lose too much backyard space,” Lisa said. “We love having our kids play back here. But Matt (from DROP Structures) found the piece of land that made the most sense, and all I lost were a few shrubs.”

The collaboration between Stephen, Lisa, and the DROP Structures team, gave the couple the chance to optimize their dream space and to come up with the perfect interior, the perfect placement – and, of course, the perfect colour to match their company’s brand.


A more intentional workspace

After a month in the space, the new office has made Lisa and Stephen more productive, and less stressed during their work hours.

“Going to the home office is more meaningful, more intentional now. Once I’m there, it’s quiet. I can get more done in a shorter period of time,” Lisa said.

“I like being out there –  I feel less overwhelmed, less anxious.”

And, when Stephen’s on the phone with a client, he can shut the door and enjoy a quiet, professional space without interruption.

A small solution

Now, with a Mono in their backyard, Lisa’s already dreaming of everything a second DROP Structure could create: a kids playhouse where they could host sleepovers, a guest room, or even a mini castle for their two dogs, Tammy and Tia. The possibilities are endless.

“I’d recommend a DROP Structure to anyone else who needs more space in the house but doesn’t want to do a major renovation,” Stephen said.

Whether you’re considering a costly renovation that won’t quite meet your needs, or you’re desiring a dedicated workspace that will allow you the focus you need to pursue your dreams, we have the DROP Structure design solution for you.


Jordana Gagnon