Building the Road to Success


It’s no accident that Brandon was the first person with a DROP Structure – in fact, making things happen is in his job description. For Brandon it’s not about the details or the destination, it’s about creating a road between dream and reality.

“I occupy that spot between Ryan’s ideas for future products, and Matt’s dedication to making each customer’s experience amazing,” Brandon, one of the founders of DROP Structures, said. “I’ve got my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.”

Though it began with making a small structure of his own – deciding on methods, materials and sourcing – then putting them all together – Brandon’s passion for stitching dreams to reality didn’t stop after a single DROP Structure.

Building a business

The logistics were relatively simple and the process straight forward for that first Mono. But creating a business dedicated to building Monos and Duos is much more complex.

It’s no longer just about constructing a building. Now, Brandon’s ushering the dream of DROP Structures, from the buildings to the brand, down from the clouds and into reality. That adds another level of complexity – the emotional creation of branding and the intellectual creation of processes that will allow the business to grow.

Jack of all trades

It’s this drive for turning the intangible tangible that brought the first Mono into existence and has continued to shape the company as it’s gone from a small operation to a business which delivers buildings all over North America. But moving through each of these levels wouldn’t be possible if Brandon didn’t have hands-on experience in each area.

“I’ve worked in just about every capacity for DROP Structures,” he said. “Knowing all the components at a real, tangible level leads to knowing how it fits together.”

From properly crafting trusses and installing metal siding to coordinating with suppliers and sourcing the costs of each material all while building the brand, Brandon understands every process that goes into creating a DROP Structure.

Mapping the path to success

Brandon’s passion and experience unite, allowing him to map out each product, anticipate problems and brainstorm solutions.

He likens the process to building a road: “Ryan has a destination in mind, and I’m trying to find the way there.”

That means that before any new project or new product is created, Brandon’s been there, at least mentally, anticipating problems and creating solutions so that when the rubber hits the road, the asphalt is smooth and black all the way to completion.

Jordana Gagnon